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Congregate Living Program

Our approach to shared living environments is designed to integrate nursing and therapy services for individuals residing in congregate living settings. In these settings, we continue to provide high quality, culturally competent, dependable and comprehensive home health services to all diverse patient populations regardless of medical, psychiatric or chronic needs. Relief offers services in congregate housing to increase the resident’s self-sufficiency in regard to medication and disease management promoting the best possible health outcomes for the individual. 

Home Deck and Kitchen

Do you want to become a patient?

Does this sound like the support you (or a patient) is looking for while living in a congregate setting? We invite you to start the referral process.

Congregate Living Services

Skilled Nursing

We have a compassionate nursing team trained to oversee your health and well-being regardless of your living situation. We always maintain an emphasis on quality of care no matter the circumstances.

Medication Administration

Medication administration involves secure medication pick up from the pharmacy, packing medication into medication planners (to ensure medication compliance), and securing medication when required, to prevent errors or misuse.

Comprehensive Support

Relief assists with coordinating care between the patient's providers and their interdisciplinary team. 

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