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1/ What safety checks do you have in place for nursing staff?

All of our field staff, including nurses and caregivers are background-checked, licensed, and insured. 


Home health care has a myriad of benefits. The first is that you're able to stay in your home and maintain privacy, comfort, better symptom management and suppress costs overall compared to a hospital or other medical facility. The home health model has also been shown to lead to quicker recovery times and improved independence overall. Keeping you at home and leading to better outcomes is something we wholeheartedly support!

3 / Can I request Relief home health services for services as a patient?

Of course! Patients always have the right to choose their own agency.

4 / Do you accept private pay?

Yes, Private pay visits are available on a sliding scale.

5 / Do nurses work evenings? Weekends? Holidays?

Yes, our nurses work Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays.

6/ Do you give rides to Doctor appointments?

No, we do not provide transportation to and from appointments.

7/ Do you have bilingual nurses? 

Yes! We have Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese-speaking nurses.

8/ Can you pick up prescriptions?

Yes, we are able to pick up prescriptions if you are unable to.

9/ Do you take my insurance?

We accept Medicaid/Masshealth and over 20 commercial PPO plans. We will work with your insurance case manager to optimize patient service and coverage. We guarantee there is never a cost to the patient if set up to bill insurance. 

10/ what do i need to be eligible for services?

You must have a doctor established who can sign your orders. Typically, that would be a Primary Care physician but often Psychiatrists, and specialists suggest home nursing services as well. 

10/ how long have you been providing home healthcare services?

We've been established since 2010 providing high-quality care.

11/ how will my plan of care be developed?

Care plans are written and customized in consultation with the patient, family members, providers, and are updated and reviewed throughout care.

12/ is there someone on-calL?

Yes! We have an on-call service that answers the phone 24/7. We have staff to support the on-call line daily. 

13/what does 'homebound' mean?

Medicare considers you 'Homebound' if it requires a taxing effort to leave your home medically or mentally. This could mean you need the assistance of another person or medical equipment such as crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair to leave your home, OR your doctor believes that your health or illness could be compromised if you were to leave your home. Some insurance plans require a patient is considered homebound for home healthcare coverage.

14/ What is the difference between home healthcare and homecare?

Home Healthcare provides clinical care to help a patient recover from injury or illness at home; Homecare helps with day-to-day caregiving tasks

15/ What can i expect at the first visit?

During your first visit, your admitting nurse will explain all the details of your plan of care, including therapies and nursing visits. They will review how often you will see them, and answer any questions about services you may have!

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